Harsh noise interview of russian project Earth incubator


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1. Hello! Can you introduce yourself and your project EARTH INCUBATOR?

Hello! I’m Alexander Kibanov and my solo-project EARTH Incubator was founded in summer of 2008 and it’s currently on hiatus. That’s all that can I say.


2. What has happened lately with this project? New releases, gigs or something else to say?

Last noise recordings were in beginning of 2010. New releases are mostly old unreleased material, reissues, etc. Also I have one new secret project which have nothing in common with previous ones (maybe a little bit), but it’s very hard to find a label for it. I never did any gigs for Earth Incubator, mainly I performed as Headless Kamikaze (and as A.A.Kibanov for various live collaborations). Last of gigs was in autumn of 2009, pretty funny event. Check out first Earth Incubator’s vinyl, it’s a split 7” with Chinese band Torturing Nurse, thanks to Vivian (Underground Pollution Records) for that (and other co-prod labels) and first CD (“Caturday”, it was released on Russian label Nihil Art Records). I hope that “Thoughts of Man From Territory 15” (collaboration with GX Jupitter-Larsen) CD will be released, it have been keeping putting it off since 2009.


3. Your project name EARTH INCUBATOR has a very old school industrial or indus metal feeling... Was it volunteer, as you might feel close to these genres, or it's rather a coincidence?

It’s a coincidence and I don’t remember that I was thinking about when named it. I can’t explain it exactly even now.


4. The goal of your project seems to make something quite dense, and compact... Can you tell us more about the aims of Earth incubator? What's the goal when you begin a new song?

There’s no aims except the release of creativity power.


5. How would you describe your kind of noise? Harsh noise? Or is "noise" enough?

Earth Incubator’s style is not about noise only. I’d say it’s a multi-genre project which explores in the noise field pretty much and these experiments are very various. Only several works I can describe as “Harsh Noise” confidently. I like various sound experiments.


6. What makes the difference between good and bad noise in your opinion?

I’ve find difficulty in define that is “bad noise”. There’s can be only bad ideology for me. If it uses some brutality, fascist/totalitarianism themes or something like that, I don’t like it.


7. Some noise makers play in various projects, some also play in metal or grindcore bands... Is it also your case?

My first project after many home electronic experiments was Red Label Noise Factory, it was started as garage noisecore. Never played in metal bands.


8. When you make noise, is it always easy to decide under which project it will be released? Sometimes some sounds might sound as much as "Project X" than "Project Y"... How do you decide if that occurs?

I have only two main projects which covered noise and pretty similar in some ways (“A.A.Kibanov” and “Earth Incubator”) and it’s not always easy to decide under which name some material will be released, but I’m sure that I won’t add audiobook or guitar noise recordings to “Earth Incubator”.


9. What could be the total opposite of noise? For some peoples it could be pure silence, since some consider it to be the most extreme kind of music... But if you take it on an experimental point of view, the opposite could be very easy listening pop music without any experimentation... What's your opinion?

Pure silence it’s not an opposite for some music or noise, it’s just a silence. Let it be some kind of ambientish ambient.


10. How long ago did you start to make noise? What lead you to make noise, and what's your musical background? (Maybe you were initially into metal or punk?)

When in 2007 I experimented with electronic, there were some noise recordings, but first serious recordings were in summer of 2008 (Earth Incubator – Sexual Noise). It was very interestingly for me. Yeah, in those times I listened various alternative/punk/rock/metal. Nowadays I listening mostly synthpop/industrial/rock stuff including various soundtracks (SMD/SNES/PC games/Movies).


11.Noise seems to be quite famous in Russia... How would you explain that? Because life is harder there than in some parts of Europe? Could Chernobyl be an influence?

Haha, really? Here’s no fests except some shows in capitals St.Petersburg and Moscow and very rare “Noise vs. Glamour”, which is organized in various cities and their quantity is pretty small). Some big towns don’t have noise scene at all. Chernobyl is located in Ukraine. 


12. Which Russian noise projects are the best in your opinion? Which would you advice to the readers?

I really can’t name any “best” projects. There’s almost no adequate persons on the noise scene. But I can recommend Alexei Borisov and his projects.


13. What does "Do it yourself" mean for you? To which extent do you take this way of thinking?

If we are talking about DIY as way to release your own works, it’s a best way. But if you living in some fuckin country there’s nobody interested in your works and you can’t sell or even send your material aboard, your DIY in this case can be only your sound and artwork.


14. What are the future projects of Earth incubator? Something special to add? Feel free to conclude...

As “Alexander Kibanov” I still need to record some stuff for collaboration with MaCu and Ricardo Rucini and as “Earth Incubator” there’s an upcoming collaboration with Russian project ВИРЬ (Vir’) (it was started in 2009 and still in work) and collaboration for Komissar Hjuler and Mama Baer project (“Die Antizipation Des Generalized Other”).